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Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions about indoor positioning with Ultra-wideband. How precise is UWB? Are there interferences and what do I have to know before installing UWB?

Ultra-wideband in logistics

1. How precise is ULTRA-WIDEBAND positioning?

Indoor position determination with Ultra-wideband is so in demand in the industry among other things because of the high accuracy. For both server and client-based installations, accuracies of 10-30 centimeters are possible. Furthermore, the position of an object in three-dimensional space can be reliably determined with UWB, for example the current position in a high rack.

A further advantage is the low latency time of Ultra-wideband. The position scan can be repeated up to 100 times per second. This provides significant advantages in the real-time positioning of vehicles moving fast, for example forklift trucks. The drivers can then also receive precise directional instructions.

2. What do I need to know before installing UWB?

Ultra-wideband is particularly suitable for use in industry. Unlike Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it can not directly communicate with consumer devices such as tablets or smartphones (but it can with additional hardware). Furthermore, the costs of UWB installations are higher than for Wi-Fi or BLE in a comparable area.

When installing the components, a certain distance from the walls should be maintained. The components are more suitable for long-term installations than for temporary, since a power connection is usually required. The anchors only need a power connection. The gateways also require an Internet connection via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or UMTS.

3. Does UWB interfere with other signals?

Ultra-wideband is a close-range wireless technology that uses extremely large frequency ranges with a bandwidth of at least 500 MHz. UWB operates with a low transmit power (0.5 mW / -41.3 dBm / MHz) and does not interfere with occupied frequency ranges. Ultra-wideband is itself very robust against interferences by other radio signals. Only special receivers can recognize the UWB signal, so Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals can not interfere with the UWB network.

4. How much hardware is required for an Ultra-wideband installation?

The range of the UWB Anchors is about 80 meters. At least three of them are needed to determine a position (trilateration). The total sum depends most of all on the circumstances in the building. A battery-powered tag is required for each asset to be tracked. The Ultra-wideband receiver receives the data from several anchors in server-based installations and passes it on to the (cloud) server. In the case of client-based installations, a smartphone with the appropriate app is responsible for this task.

Comparison of indoor tracking technologies

5. Which positioning technology is most suitable for indoor tracking?

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID and Ultra-wideband differ in several criteria. The technologies are suitable for very different applications. Due to its rather complex installation, Ultra-wideband is more expensive on a comparable area than the other technologies and is therefore more common in industry applications, for example in the automotive industry, in logistics or in factories.

In addition, UWB is not ideal for tracking people. UWB, however, is the most accurate method. 10 to 30 centimeters of accuracy can be achieved (Wi-Fi: 5-15 meters accuracy; Bluetooth: 1-3 meters).

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