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Application examples

Be inspired by the application examples for Ultra-wideband localization. UWB positioning is especially suitable for indoor tracking, navigation and analysis in industrial areas. There are two ways of installing UWB: server based and client based.

Asset Tracking with Ultra-wideband

1. Tracking and Navigation of Floor Conveyors in Industrial Environments

Floor conveyors (forklifts, pallet trucks, telescopic forklifts, driverless transport vehicles, prime movers, etc.) have to be tracked in an industrial environment. They deliver goods to production and logistics. When they are late or leave the path, expensive bottlenecks occur. Employees should be enabled to control the processes and intervene before any damage is done. Additionally, it is desired to have a back channel to the driver and to reduce training effort and mistakes.


With Ultra-wideband, the location of the vehicles is determined with an accuracy of 10-30 centimeters. In a client-based procedure, the drivers receive messages and precise direction instructions on the smartphone.

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2. Position Determination and Runway Analysis of Goods and Floor Conveyors in Industrial Areas

In a warehouse or production facility, thousands of goods have to be processed by vehicles (forklifts, pallet trucks, telescopic forklifts, driverless transport vehicles, prime movers, etc.). The runways aren’t always perfect, there are many empty runs. It also happens that the exact position of vehicles and goods is unknown or that wares are not delivered in time. Thus, production might have to be interrupted or extended, which is very expensive.


Ultra-wideband is used to determine the location of vehicles with an accuracy of 10-30 centimeters in a server-based procedure. Automatically and in real-time, it is calculated whether a delivery will be delayed and how the optimal route will look.

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